Import tickets via CSV

Blog Mike | 01-05-2019 Tickets25

How to import guest lists and external tickets. With the release of 1.4.3 you now have the capability to import guest lists and send out tickets, or to import external tickets from a third party source. In this article we will quickly look into how to perform these steps and what this functionality has to offer.

Guest lists

The first thing you can do with this new functionality is the guest list import. By using this import you can quickly send out a large batch of tickets to your clients. If you upload an CSV Tickets25 will make sure to create a reservation with tickets and connect it to a new or existing customer. This customer will then receive his shiny tickets in his mailbox. To use this functionality make sure to go to the event overview page and click on the upload icon. On this page you can download the guestlist template and add your data to the CSV. Make sure to map the correct product ids! These can be found on the left side of the upload page.

Now all you have to do is drop the csv in the upload area or click on it and select your file. Tickets25 will now quickly show you the information you uploaded and is ready to start processing it!

Upload CSV

External import

Alternativly, you can use this functionality to import third party tickets. Just as with the guest list you can download the CSV template. This template contains two extra columns. One that can be used for the ticket number and one for the order number. This import will not send out tickets. If you hit the import button Tickets25 will create a reservation for every order number and add the tickets to the order based on the order number you inserted in the CSV.

Make sure the ticket numbers are unique because Tickets25 can only remember numbers once.

Happy importing!!