Revolutionary ticketing solution for a permanent setup

Tickets25 makes it easy to sell tickets. Our system allows the vendor to maintain ownership of their data and transactions. The combination of Tickets25 and a permanent setup of your access control point makes it very suitable for ticket sales for a long-term arrangement and creates a rapid flow of audience. Unmanned sales is possible and there is a self-configurable dashboard with real-time reports such as attendance and bustle meters.

With a simple click in the back-end, you can connect to the ticketing column that is equipped with a bar/QR code scanner, ticket printer and payment module. You can do this while you are setting up your permanent solution. Tickets25 has partnerships with different hardware providers to accommodate you with the best solution for your venue.

Manage your own events

Whether you have a single event, multiple or continuous events, or events with different time slots during the day, Tickets25 offers you the possibility to manage these events.

Whether you sell only one type of ticket or early bird tickets, it is all possible. Early bird tickets already sold out? The system automatically switches to the next ticket price category.

Many different types of partners and discount modules will be linked to the system and can be added to the events such as CJP pass, Studentenkaart (Student card) and VVV gift card. These will continuously be updated and expanded with additional partners in future releases.

Create your own ticket design

With only a few clicks you can insert images, edit text and adjust the fonts and color in order to create the content of your personal ticket.

Each event can have multiple tickets with its own specific design created by yourself. Next to your own design, the system also has standard templates available which allows you to choose between different layouts. On top of that it enables the possibility for affiliate marketing and/or sponsor logos that are connected to your event.

a Revolutionary ticketing solution for a permanent setup

  • Online & offline possibiltiy to sell tickets
  • Possibility to check in without staff
  • Attractive price model per ticket
  • Functions on any type of hardware or mobile device
  • Connectable with your accounting software such as Twinfield & Exact
  • Always up to date with the latest version
  • Standard integration with Intersolve for the "Museumkaart"
  • A cloud solution with easy expandable possibilities on the Heroku platform
  • Your own ticket design
  • Ownership of your own data
  • Easy connectable with Salesforce
  • Possibility to link with our other apps build on the Salesforce platform