Tickets25 Release notes

Version 1.5.6
Released March 29, 2022

Added the functionality to remove custom style from an event.

  • Custom style on the event management page now has a delete functionality.
Version 1.5.5
Released Feb. 22, 2022

We now support adding custom style and images to your event templates via the management panel. To make use of the functionality please contact support.

  • Added the possibility to add define CSS properties or other template specific properties via the event management.
  • Added new templates that support custom colors and background images.
Version 1.5.4
Released March 18, 2020

Several platform upgrades have been performed and you can know easily see how many tickets you sold in a day.

  • Upgraded to the latests Heroku stack.
  • Added dashboard widget for the sold ticket count per day.
  • Added a new templates for Ticksz
Version 1.5.3.a
Released Feb. 19, 2020

API features and bug fixing.

  • Fixed an issue where the terms of agreement did not show an error if it wasn't checked.
  • Instead of payment cost as label mention handling fee.
  • Fixed the event id filter on the reservation endpoint.
  • Added an feature that enables admins to create API visible tickets. These ticket are visible and active for bookings through the API but are not visible in the shop and also don't show up as active for first tier selling through TicketSwap.
Version 1.5.3
Released Feb. 18, 2020

Activated Queue-it integration. Sometimes events get so crowded that it would be better for everyone if they could just wait in a neat line. With the Queue-it integration we finally support this.

  • Added Queue-it KnowUser Integration
  • Added Queue-it Javascript implementation
Version 1.5.2
Released Jan. 27, 2020

Are you as impatient as we are and can you just not wait to get your tickets. We've the thing just for you!

  • Added the option to enable ticket download for businesses through the whitelabel admin. This will give you the possibility to download your tickets straight from the success page of your reservation.
Version 1.5.1
Released Dec. 2, 2019

Minor bug fixes and some quality of life features.

  • Fixed that all OK IT functionalities can work independently, these toggles are now available in the whitelabel admin.
  • Fixed that all reports of the parent are inherited while creating a new business.
  • Fixed that the order of dashboard components will always stay the same.
Version 1.5.b
Released Nov. 27, 2019

Minor bug fix.

  • Released a fix for the copying of content entries for the refund protect content upon creating new businesses.
Version 1.5.a
Released Nov. 19, 2019

Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed an bug that prevent customers from creating product groups if they didn't have any existing product groups yet.
Version 1.5
Released Nov. 18, 2019

It's almost 2020! Time is flying so it's about time we had another release. We've added several new functionalities for you to play with and we're highlighting a few of them right here.

Read our blog article to understand how to use the discount code modules and how to order product groups. Click here to go to the article.

  • Released partial payments part 2.
    • On top of the functionality for already offering partial payment you can now configure all the parameters such as minimal value percentages and max insurance periods yourself.
    • Monitor how many customers are using partial payments, through your dashboard and reports.
  • Fixed an issue in the naming conventions of the reports.
  • Fixed an issue in the language settings that caused you to always click "EN" first in the content step if that was the only language available.
  • Fixed an issue in the "Chosen payment methods" dashboard widget that was not taking into account successful payment statuses for non primary payment providers.
  • Changed the gender field in the checkout flow to be a select box rather than a radio button so there will always be a value.
  • Added a "Don't want to tell you" option for gender.
  • Added an additional parameter to the live tickets counter endpoint for selecting a time frame.
  • Due to the unclarity of the time wheel on the reports page we've opted to remove the counter completely. Reports will still expire after 120 seconds but this won't be visible with a countdown anymore. After generating a report users will be prompted with a notification that they can close the screen because they will be informed through email once there report is available.
  • Added ordering for the product groups so they are displayed in the order you prefer in the front-office. Simply drag and drop them to the order you prefer and click save! Tickets25 will take care of the rest.
  • Using discount codes might not have always been easy, but that's something for the past! With the newly added "Unique discount codes" and "Generic discount codes" validators this is now completely up to you to manage and maintain. Because this could require some explanation we've made a short blog article on how to use this.
  • To get access to the Tickets25 API we require you to use a authentication token. We realize that if you develop an mobile app entering a 36 long random string with special chars and digits might be a bit frustrating. To resolve this issue we've added a new endpoint you can use to retrieve a API token based on a simple username and password that's available in your management panel already. Check our API documentation to see how you could use this.
  • You can now flag products as sold out without having to update the quantity manually to the number of sold tickets. Just tick the flag sold-out on a product and we will show it that way. *
Version 1.4.7.b
Released Nov. 4, 2019

Fixed an issue in the management

  • Fixed an issue in the management where the percentage of the event insurance was not editable
  • Added missing translations to the French language pack
Version 1.4.7.a
Released Oct. 3, 2019

Fixed an issue in the Refund Protect feature

Fixed an issue in the Refund Protect feature, that makes sure the all the tickets with Refund Protect enabled get synced to the Refund Protect API

Version 1.4.7
Released Sept. 30, 2019

Have you always been wondering which payment method your customers prefer? With the new dashboard widget you can now see which payment method is used the most. We've also added a few API improvements.

Added a new dashboard widget to monitor Pay.NL payment method use. New filter has been added to the event API endpoint A version two of the check-in endpoint returns the client id as well New filters have been added to the ticket endpoint Email is returned in the version 2 of the endpoint The ticket/order endpoint can now filter on email

Version 1.4.5
Released Aug. 22, 2019

You remember our check-in page, the one where you can configure your preferences for events and tickets you want enabled and disabled? Yeah he doesn't remember you. But not anymore! The check-in page will now store your preferences in localstorage so you won't have to configure it again every time you load the page. Watch the video here to see how it's working.

  • The check-in page will now store your preferences in localstorage so you won't have to configure it again every time you load the page.
  • We added a new permission on the check-in page that will allow you to disable or enable the check-in preferences toggle.
  • On a user you can now predefine the check-in preferences. These preferences will always be used as the selection, even if you customized it afterwards.
Version 1.4.5
Released Aug. 13, 2019

We now offer a brand new way to sell your tickets online! By OK IT buying tickets is now easier than ever! Watch the video here.

  • One click checkouts with OK IT
  • Login with OK IT
  • Pay with OK IT
  • Receive your e-tickets in the OK IT mobile app
Version 1.4.4.d
Released June 24, 2019

Fixed an issue in the API.

  • Fixed an issue in the API that caused some reservations to update their status illegitimately after getting retrieved through the API.
Version 1.4.4.c
Released June 14, 2019

Fixed some minor bugs.

  • In the initial request to a shop with only English activated with a non English browser the shop would display in a supported language. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed an bug where selecting text and having the cursor outside of the bounding area caused the modal to close.
Version 1.4.4.b
Released May 28, 2019

Deployed a minor patch due to Pay.NL issues.

  • Minor bug fix to remove some spcial chars while connecting to Pay.NL.
  • Added an warning that replaces the error page with a notification that Pay.NL is experiencing issues.
Version 1.4.4.a
Released May 21, 2019

Minor bug fix

  • Fixed an issue that caused select boxes during the creation of a product to be unclickable.
Version 1.4.4
Released May 15, 2019

Don't you wish it would be possible to know the lottery numbers before the actual lottery? Well Tickets25 can't help you with that but with our new functionality for pre determined barcodes we do know the ticket numbers before we sell them! Use this to your advantage to upload voucher codes that we will send out or to make a list of tickets that you already import on the last day of your event.

  • You can now add pre-generated barcodes to a ticket, make sure you actually want this because once done it can't be undone!
  • Ticketswap is disabled for pre-generated barcodes to increase security.
  • Fixed a bug where the date on the overview page was displayed in UTC and not in the timezone of the event.
Version 1.4.3
Released April 29, 2019

Are you throwing a massive party and want to invite all your friends? You can now do so without them ever having to do anything! The only thing you'll have to do is upload a CSV with all their info and Tickets25 will make sure to create the reservations the tickets and send out the emails.

For a more detailed explanation on how to import guest list and third party tickets make sure to check out this article.

  • Download an import template for sending out guest tickets
  • Upload a CSV for guest list imports, this will send out tickets to all addresses in the CSV.
  • Upload a CSV for external ticket imports, this will not send out tickets but will create orders and tickets based on the data in the CSC.
  • Show a warning if a ticket design is uploaded that is not of the allowed file size or format.
  • Copy overview style of the parent business if a new business is created through the whitelabel admin.
  • Fixed an issue where some charts showed an infinite loading icon.
  • Added new filter options to the Check-in API.
  • Show a separate list of active and inactive events on the event overview page to prevent some clutter.
  • Made the event overview page more compatible with mobile views.
Version 1.4.2
Released April 26, 2019

Minor feature release.

  • Released a new custom template that will display the original price of a discounted product.
Version 1.4.1
Released April 8, 2019

A few product improvements and a new chart.

  • A new chart has been added that support the creation of a vistor count table based on products instead of product groups.
  • Added the impression and addToCart events for enhanced ecommerce tracking.
  • The discount validator now support limitation on product id.
Version 1.4
Released March 11, 2019

You can now integrate OK Betalen. And a very exciting change, we have updated the styling of the dashboards and added a few new chart types!

  • OK Betalen integration
    • Pay with OK Betalen
    • Send your e-ticket to the OK App
    • Login using OK
    • Peform one click check-outs using OK
    • Refund tickets using OK
    • See your ticket status in the OK App
  • Improved dashboard styling
  • External product references available through the API
  • New dashboard charts
    • Product availability & Product sales have been combined into one chart
    • Vistors count tables can now be build using the product groups
    • Tickets sales chart and table based on product group have been added to the dashboard
    • Sever bar chart diagrams have been tilted to show as horizontal bar charts to support the dashboard with 25+ products
Version 1.3.13
Released March 4, 2019

Payconiq hotfix.

  • Because of a change in the Payconiq API we had to change the way we handle the external payment identifiers for this PSP.
Version 1.3.12
Released Feb. 4, 2019

As people tend to forget parties we made sure you can now send them a calendar invite instantly.

  • Include an ical file in the invite to make sure your attendees don't forget the party!
  • Payment ids are not separated into two columns, one for the successful payments and one for the failed payments, this is mainly a quality of life change for those using the tickets total report in external systems.
  • Pending payments now show a proper warning instead of redirecting people to the confirmation page.
Version 1.3.11
Released Jan. 21, 2019

Improved user flow and dashboard chart for the amount of swapped tickets.

  • Choose the single price line version of your template and we will combine the booking fee and the price of the ticket into one line.
  • Always wanted to know in one go how much tickets get swapped? Now you can with the swapped ticket chart add it to your dashboard and give it a go.
Version 1.3.10.a
Released Jan. 14, 2019

Minor fixes and patches.

  • Deployed a change that allows for client tracking through the API.
  • Added an fix to make sure product supported languages don't get confused with business supported languages.
  • Instead of sending the date of today as delivery date to Pay.NL send the date of the event.
Version 1.3.10
Released Jan. 10, 2019

To make customers their life a little bit easier we now provide auto complete on the city field using the Google services. This can be enabled through the whitelabel admin.

  • City autocomplete on the client details form.
Version 1.3.9
Released Nov. 19, 2018

Improvements on the API.

  • It is now possible to finalise orders without actual payments using the Tickets25 API. If you're interested in this feature please contact your Tickets25 representative.
Version 1.3.8
Released Nov. 5, 2018

Several improvements for usability in the management.

  • Fixed an issue where the revenue report and earning dashboard used the current product price and not the price for which the tickets got sold.
  • Added an search box to the select boxes on the dashboard page.
  • Added an active/inactive separator on the order page in the event filter, this filter now also contains a check all functionality.
Version 1.3.7
Released Oct. 23, 2018

API Improvements and minor bug fixes.

  • Increased API pagination from 10 to 100.
  • Added order and since filter to Client API.
  • Added service fees to earnings table dashboard.
  • Removed swapped tickets from tickets total report.
Version 1.3.6
Released Oct. 9, 2018

Minor bug fix and new dashboard report.

  • Added new dashboard report with total earnings
  • Removed unwanted character in the template.
Version 1.3.5
Released Oct. 8, 2018

Minor improvements.

  • The daily sales report offers more detailed information about product sales and availability
  • Fixed an issue occurring in safari, which was reversing the table of products sales.
  • Added more details to the PayNL payload.
Version 1.3.4.b
Released Sept. 4, 2018

Load all static files through a cloudfront cache instead of serving them through whitenoise on Heroku.

  • Load all static files through Cloudfront.
  • Added an index on the ticket table to improve ticket availability counter.
Version 1.3.4.a
Released Sept. 3, 2018

Minor feature improvement.

  • Make sure to exclude SWAPPED tickets in the revenue report.
Version 1.3.4
Released Aug. 30, 2018

New Secureswap status and improved reports.

  • Generate reports for multiple events at the same time
  • Reports now include ticketswapped tickets as well
  • All swapped tickets have the status SWAPPED instead of CANCELLED
  • Swapped tickets also include a link to the newly issued ticket
Version 1.3.2
Released Aug. 9, 2018

Improved user management in the management console.

  • Reuse management email addresses cross business.
  • Upgrade customer accounts to management accounts.
Version 1.3.1.d
Released Aug. 9, 2018

Minor bug fixes and patches.

  • Fixed an issue where payment statuses without payment option broke the reports.
Version 1.3.1.c
Released July 30, 2018

Minor bug fixes and patches.

  • Fixed an issue where Payconiq callback where not handled properly on whitelabel
Version 1.3.1.b
Released July 27, 2018

Fixed a bug in the Mollie connector.

  • Fixed an issue where Mollie callbacks where not processed correctly if the callback from Mollie is faster as the customer.
Version 1.3.1.a
Released July 25, 2018

Minor bug fixes and patches.

  • Changed the Payconiq exclusive label
  • Fixed in an issue where reports would not generate for free reservations
Version 1.3.1
Released July 23, 2018

Buying Tickets should be easy! That is why Tickets25 integrated with Payconiq to provide you with the means to make the purchase of your tickets as smooth as possible.

  • Support Payconiq as addition on payment service providers
  • Offer Payconiq exclusive products, this can be turned on in the admin
  • Various improvements in the way the payment option buttons look and the additional costs are displayed
  • Configure Payconiq in the whitelabel admin
  • Merge all payment status tables and configuration tables into one unified system to improve maintainability.
  • Display all Payconiq results in the Tickets Total report
  • Display all Payconiq results on the Tickets overview page
Version 1.3.a
Released July 13, 2018

Minor feature improvement.

  • Resolved an issue where tickets could not be created in timeslot events.
Version 1.3
Released July 12, 2018

At Tickets25 we understand you won't always be able to attend a party, or you're not always on time with buying your e-tickets before an event is sold out. If you have been in this position before you probably know TicketSwap. Here at Tickets25 we partnered up with TicketSwap to implement SecureSwap. You can now buy tickets for any of our events without concerns. Once you buy your tickets via TicketSwap while SecureSwap is enabled you will receive a pair of new, fresh and shiny tickets made just for you!

  • Added SecureSwap integration with TicketSwap
Version 1.2.9
Released June 14, 2018

While we're working on the redesign of the complete management you can now already look at the ticket sales on your mobile phone!

  • The dashboard is now responsive so you can check your ticket sales on the go
  • Custom field data is now shown on the confirmation page
  • Fixed various issues in the whitelabel admin
Version 1.2.8
Released June 6, 2018

Sometime your event requires some additional information. It is now possible to add custom fields to all of your events so you can provide the best possible service to customers.

  • It didn't make sense to show the login with Facebook button if you didn't configure Facebook. We now hide the button if Facebook is not configured.
  • Custom fields can now be configured in all shops on the confirmation page and the client page.
  • Tickets25 is now fluent in both French and German as well.
  • The client steps now starts on the register page instead of the login page.
  • Markdown is now supported in all custom field labels.
Version 1.2.7
Released June 4, 2018

We added a new chart to spice up your dashboard!

  • New gender report on dashboard
  • Fixed in issue where you could not scroll on the overview page
  • Fixed an issue where the custom form setting was cleared while editing an event
  • PayNL is now supported in all templates
  • Student validator now support all characters
  • Parent whitelabels now copy the correct content to the shops
Version 1.2.6
Released May 14, 2018

It is now possible to provide customers with a CJP card some discount in your webshops. Simply add the CJP validator to a product and we will do the rest!

  • Added a new CJP validator that can be used in the shops
  • Events now how a standard timezone
  • Student validator codes are now dynamically managed
  • Event logo's can now be removed
  • Corrected the ticket count that was including false tickets in the dashboard
Version 1.2.5
Released April 18, 2018

You have been asking for it so here it is! Instead of monitoring your event sales in fancy graphs you can now also add a simple table with all your ticket sales to your reports dashboard.

  • Added service fee to reports
  • The report page now supports a table that shows all of your sales
  • Whitelabel business can now manage their own favicons
  • The API now supports a ticket status change endpoint
Version 1.2.4
Released April 9, 2018

So a new week a new version. This time there is a big announcement. We have integrated Tickets25 with Salesforce. All your customers, events, tickets en payments in Salesforce and therefore unleash the power of reporting dashboard and a customer 360° view! We will add a new page to our website to explain this in the near future.

  • We fixed some styling in the shop
  • We fixed some small bugs in our backend, nothing serious though.
  • We added a new feature for CJP validation and to use this as a discount in the shop
  • We can now schedule reports to be emailed
  • Favicons all around! Custom favicons are now supported in the shop and for whitelabel accounts.
Version 1.2.3
Released April 2, 2018

A new day, a new version. Couple of bugfixes and some nice new features!

  • Tickets25 now support as payment provider!
  • Male, Female, Tickets25 doesn't care. But gender is now visible in the Sales reports.
  • Adding custom fields in a shop is now available. New fields which allows you to customise the experience even more for your customers.
  • Fixed a small styling bug in management
  • In the checkin page/app you can now select which products and events you want to check-in.
  • Some styling changes for the shop templates
    • Service Fee was labeled Price
Version 1.2.2.b
Released March 20, 2018

Minor bugfixes.

  • Fixed an issue where the PDF couldn’t be generated if the name of the product was to long
  • Increased the width of the field that shows the product name
Version 1.2.2.a
Released March 14, 2018

To support the go-live of a new shop we added a new custom template for one of the businesses.

  • Created a new event template for one of the businesses.
    • Added a custom CSS for the template.
    • Added a description field to product groups.
    • Show login with Facebook before the custom login on the Login page.
    • Make the address section required.
    • Hide the reservation time-out clock.
  • Fixed an issue where the service costs were shown even if all service costs where disabled.
  • Added a description field to product groups in the management console.
  • Included a new content entry to be shown under the tickets on the first official step of the shops.
  • In all shops for a certain white labeled customer load the Register step before the Login step on the client step of the shops.
  • Enable events to set a maximum number of tickets per booking
Version 1.2.2
Released March 12, 2018

In this release we added a variety of features to improve the shop and the management console.

  • After forgetting our own password for the management console and finding out that there was no password reset in the management we figured it was due time to add this.
  • Updated the translations for the admin to be either Dutch or English.
  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to switch a reservation to another customer.
  • Instead of sending e-tickets without and context using Facebook Messenger it’s now possible to include a text message before sending the tickets.
  • Export reports for all tickets in progress.
  • Show the reservation conversion on the shops dashboard.
  • If you decided to accept donations for your event, we make sure to show the correct label next to the opt-in button.
  • Fixed an issue where the terms of agreement linked to a nonexistent void if you didn’t upload a file.
  • Product categories are now multilingual.
  • Made it possible for white label businesses to have their own CSS files added to the management panel.
  • Created a white label CSS for all white labeled businesses.
  • Since you don't want people to enter your parties with a locker ticket it's now possible to configure which event and products you want to allow in the check-in app.
  • Made the check-in page responsive so it looks good on your mobile device as well.
Version 1.2.1
Released March 6, 2018

The Tickets25 API is now available on production. To be provisioned with an API token please contact your Tickets25 representative.

  • Tickets25 API, the API support the following actions:
    • Check-in endpoint
    • Retrieve events
    • Retrieve tickets
    • Retrieve and create orders
    • Retrieve venues
    • Retrieve clients
    • Retrieve business information
Version 1.2
Released Feb. 21, 2018

We are proud to release version 1.2.0 of Tickets25. This release contains a lot of new features and improvements of the product.

  • Send e-tickets using Facebook Messenger With the addition of the Facebook Messenger platform to Tickets25 you now have the option to send the e-tickets using Facebook Messenger.
    • Upload a picture that will be shown in the overview of Facebook Messenger
    • Upload a custom overlay for every type of ticket to make your QR codes look good!
    • A custom receipt of the transaction will be sent via Facebook Messenger
    • We know customers are not always able to attend a party. To make sure the tickets can still be sold via TicketSwap a customer can request the tickets to be sent via E-mail. Using a button shown in Facebook Messenger.
  • Whitelabel Admin If provisioned with a whitelabel account you can now login and manage your own businesses.
    • Keep track of the amount of sold tickets and the revenue stream of your accounts.
    • Create new businesses and configure the payments service provider for your own accounts.
    • Manage users that have access to your whitelabel admin.
    • Predefine a terms of agreement and other content for events created with a sub account.
  • Two Factor Authentication has been added to the management section of Tickets25. To take your account security to the next level, login to your account. Click on your name in the right corner and go to the 2FA page. From here you'll be able to activate 2FA.
  • Product Types To accommodate to the growing request of product types we made it possible to define these categories yourself. In the tickets step of the form wizard you can now define product groups which can then be used in the API to connect certain actions to a certain product group. Or purely for visual purpose in the ticket shop.
  • Clone Events using the clone button on the events overview. Using the clone event button you can copy all contents including products, ticket designs and content to a new event. The only thing you need to change are the event dates.
  • A good party is a party that doesn't stop at midnight. This is something Tickets25 its parents didn't understand. Until now! In the tickets step of the event wizard you can now select a valid from and valid till date for your tickets. Tickets bought for these products will be available for check-in between these dates. Every time you change these dates we will update all the existing tickets for you as well.

  • Bug fix that allows customers using Mollie to handle free transactions.

  • Bug fix that fixes the Login/Register toggle in older browsers that don't support ES6.
Version 1.1.15.a
Released Dec. 12, 2017

Custom styling on the overview page.

  • Add the availability for custom logo's on the overview page
  • Add the availability for custom css on the overview page
Version 1.1.15
Released Dec. 6, 2017

Overview pages for all you events are now available on {{your domain}}

  • Show a Tickets25 labeled overview of all your events
  • Go directly to event shops by clicking on a event
  • If their is no main events the overview page will show by default
Version 1.1.14
Released Nov. 27, 2017

Added Google Ecommerce library.

  • In the checkout flow we now add products to the ecommerce cart of Google.
  • Support both the tag manager and regular Google ecommerce
Version 1.1.13
Released Nov. 22, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • Form forwarding now maintains GET parameters to support cross-domain tracking
  • Users created through external systems can now reset their password
  • Users created through external systems can now also login without an external system
Version 1.1.12.a
Released Nov. 8, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • Fixed a bug that caused a custom validator to block the check-in process.
  • Added the start date of events to the event ordering.
Version 1.1.12
Released Oct. 30, 2017

More detailed total report.

  • Added all payment ids to the Tickets total report.
Version 1.1.11
Released Oct. 13, 2017

Improved filtering on the order page.

  • Fixed an issue that caused orders to be displayed multiple times after searching.
  • Filter on events on the order page.
Version 1.1.10
Released Oct. 11, 2017

To enable more flexibility in the reservation view the order overview now support filtering on event. This is especially useful if you have a lot of events.

  • Select a custom template for your event
  • Filter the order overview based on event
  • New validator for Naturalis
  • PDF design now supports short names
Version 1.1.9
Released Sept. 4, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • Changed the order of inactive reports
  • Load tag manager in custom templates
Version 1.1.8
Released July 25, 2017

Form forwarding is now available. This can be used to link customers through your own website and skip the product selection and client creation on the Tickets25 form.

  • Fixed an issue where an invalid email didn't got a proper error
  • Added form-forwarding functionality
  • Facebook implementation now uses a general external id field
Version 1.1.7.g
Released July 21, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • Fixed a bug where new contact got marked as used without valid reason
Version 1.1.7.f
Released July 14, 2017

Create new users for all your colleagues.

  • Creating a new user in the admin now emails the password to the created user
Version 1.1.7.e
Released July 11, 2017

The tickets total report now provides more information.

  • Show all location related fields in Tickets Total
  • Daily digest has been adjusted to mail for the correct events
Version 1.1.7.d
Released July 6, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • Adjusted the default group PDF template to avoid overlap
  • Added filtering on the Adyen and Mollie payment references
Version 1.1.7.c
Released June 29, 2017

New features for the dashboard have been deployed today.

  • A new report type for the dashboard has been added
  • Adjusted the labeling of the sold tickets on the dashboard to make it more readable
  • Updated the postmark implementation to the latest version
Version 1.1.7.b
Released June 26, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • The daily report mail has been adjusted to send the statistics of the latests event
Version 1.1.7.a
Released June 26, 2017

Minor feature improvement.

  • Adjusted the revenue report to also show active products
Version 1.1.7
Released June 26, 2017

New report and improved performance for existing reports.

  • Revenue report has been added to the reporting module
  • Improved performance of the generations of reports
Version 1.1.6.d
Released June 22, 2017

Minor feature improvements.

  • Fixed a bug where where tickets without validator did not check-in automatically in a group order
Version 1.1.6.c
Released June 21, 2017

Minor feature improvements.

  • Show https logo on the login page to prevent mixed content
  • Validate discount codes on the back-end in several steps
  • Fixed a bug where discount codes did not validate properly when only one discount products was selected in combination with a non validator product
Version 1.1.6.b
Released July 21, 2017

Minor feature improvements.

  • Auto select language for customers that have a browser locale defined.
Version 1.1.6.a
Released June 20, 2017

Minor feature improvements.

  • Spanish support has been added
Version 1.1.6
Released May 29, 2017

New reports and reverted a functionality.

  • New report (Expected visitors)
  • New report (Tickets total (visit date))
  • Rollback of the functionality that blocked management users to use their own account for reservations.
Version 1.1.6
Released June 20, 2017

Intersolve API has been upgraded.

  • Tickets25 now uses the latest API of Intersolve
  • Major improvement in the Intersolve flow
  • More logging regarding BGL and MJK check-in's
  • Intersolve cards are activated on demand
Version 1.1.5.a
Released June 15, 2017

Minor feature improvements.

  • If there are no tickets left in an event we now show a notification instead of a empty page.
Version 1.1.5
Released June 15, 2017

Show your customers a placeholder while they wait for the event to go live.

  • All templates now include a pre sale template. The pre sale template shows the event logo and a message.
  • Added the shop redirect url to the event wizard
  • Added the pre sale message to the event wizard
Version 1.1.4
Released June 13, 2017

BGL and museumcard connection has been greatly improved.

  • Monitoring for all Intersolve API calls
  • Check and validation process of Intersolve cards had improved
  • Upgrades to the check-in interface
  • Only one ticket can be validated at Intersolve at the time
  • After 10 seconds API calls are canceled
Version 1.1.3.a
Released June 1, 2017

Bug fixes.

  • Fixed a bug in the expected visitors per timeslot report.
Version 1.1.3
Released May 31, 2017

Some users experienced problems ordering tickets while Tickets25 was iframes in Safari.

  • Added CORS headers for all pages that can be iFramed
  • If the system is unable to set a cookie, the users receives a pop-up that will redirect to the actual site, on confirmation and then redirect back to the referrer. This is a workaround for Safari security that prevents systems from setting a cookie for a domain loaded through an iFrame.
Version 1.1.1
Released May 25, 2017

New chart has been added to the dashboard.

  • You can now use the Checked-In chart to verify the ticket valid ticket availability
Version 1.1.a
Released May 17, 2017

Bugfix for the eventwizard.

  • Minor bugfix that prevents contenttypes to lose their state upon saving in the content step of the event wizard.
Version 1.1
Released May 16, 2017

Version 1 of the event-wizard is now available in the management console. This enables customers to create all types of events.

  • Structural events are now processing correctly
  • Event wizard version 1 is now available
  • Tickets designs can now be overwritten for a specific product
  • Tickets designer for both single and group tickets
  • Events now contain a sale start date from which the event becomes available
  • PDF files can now be uploaded for the terms and agreement
  • Content types are now required for specific events
Version 1.0.6.a
Released April 19, 2017

Hotfix for the login.

  • Empty Facebook ids are now excluded from the client filter
Version 1.0.6.a
Released March 1, 2017


  • Logo on the homescreen now redirect to the startpage of the clientgroup
Version 1.0.6
Released May 16, 2017

Minor changes in some client specific templates.

  • For all Apenkooi templates city is now a required field in the order process.
Version 1.0.6
Released April 19, 2017

New reports for the dashboard.

  • Conversion ratio of the ticketshop is now shown on the dashboard
  • Customize the dashboard for each event
  • Dashboard now reloads every minute
  • Usernames are not case sensitive anymore
Version 1.0.6
Released Feb. 28, 2017

Minor fixes and stability improvements.

  • At the moment you get redirect to Adyen we now show the previous selected language
  • Changed the slug of the reporting homepage
  • Whitespaces in cookies are now encoded
  • Do not show offline exceptions in the calendar
Version 1.0.5.c
Released April 5, 2017

Minor bugfixes.

  • Added novalidate to the product form
  • Added type PRO as valid type for the tickets
Version 1.0.5.b
Released March 31, 2017

Minor bugfixes.

  • Removed the waiting loader in the check-in POS mode.
  • Changed a resource to use https instead of http.
Version 1.0.5.a
Released March 29, 2017

Minor bugfixes.

  • Fixed the date shown on reservation in the POS mode
Version 1.0.5
Released March 23, 2017

First version of the eventwizard went live for the regular event scheduling.

  • First version of eventwizard
  • Facebook login for clients
Version 1.0.4.a
Released March 20, 2017

Due to an issue with the Intersolve API we did a quick fix to make the services completely stateless from the status of the Intersolve API.

  • Fixed start-up when the Intersolve API is offline
  • Show non-active products in the admin view
  • Cache Intersolve WSDL indefinitely
Version 1.0.4
Released March 14, 2017

Big release to enable multiple customers on the platform. Non time slot events are now fully supported, and a complete new payment service provider has been added to the product.

  • Fixes in loading data for specific clients
  • Added service fee possibilities to all products
  • Client form is limited to one business domain
  • Event page doesn't load time slot for non time slot events
  • Added new client templates
  • Show correct dates based on the type of the event
  • Service fee is now shown and used in calculations during the ordering flow
  • Single events are now implemented and send tickets based on the start time of the event
  • Events will now come available on the moment the event start sale date is in the past
  • Events are now filtered based on activeness
  • Landing pages are now loaded for the correct permission group
  • Rework of the reporting permissions
  • Reports are now filtered based on business domain
  • Product quantity is now validated for events with a limited ticket quantity
  • Products are now filtered based on availability and quantity
  • CSRF token is now loaded on all forms
  • Reservations are now created after the tickets step for non time slot events
  • Non business domains subdomains now redirect to
  • Adyen configuration is now tracked on business level
  • Products and tickets are shown in two separate groups on the product page
  • Service fee is now shown in all reports
  • Added iFraming capabilities for all client forms
  • Timeslots are not required for reservations
  • Added mollie as payment service provider
  • New branded fonts for the PDF generator
  • Mollie callbacks implemented
  • SSL certificate is now a wildcard certificate
  • Users are now loaded with ajax and shown in a datatable
Version 1.0.3
Released March 6, 2017

Monitoring for the management applications and a new way to edit your clients.

  • Fixed a bug in the calendar
  • New way of editing clients
  • Management users can't be selected as users for reservations anymore
  • Notify a user as soon as their report is done processing
  • Enabled trackjs to monitor all JS
  • Logentries now tracks Intersolve calls in a separate monitoring channel
  • Show the user when they are not focused on the check-in screen
  • Added column visibility selector to the reservations overview, you can now select which columns you want to see
  • Added an expand button as soon as the table row doesn't fit on your screen
Version 1.0.1.a
Released Feb. 17, 2017

Disabled the actual transaction to Intersolve for the BGL cards.

  • Disabled Intersolve transaction for BGL cards
  • Validate BGL cards based on a regex
Version 1.0.1
Released Feb. 8, 2017

Improvements to the reporting module and an all new report for used tickets.

  • Improvement to the timestamp visualization of the Tickets total report
  • New reports for all used tickets
  • Daily overview mail now uses the new report for all used tickets
  • Check-in report bug fix where a category got shown twice
  • Start and end time in the Tickets total report now show timezone info
  • Check-in information added to the Tickets total report
  • Check-in information is now converted to the events timezone
Version 1.0
Released Feb. 2, 2017

We could improve on the efficiency of the reporting module by doing a complete rewrite. All reports are now generated by background threads. This entirely removes processing time for generating report on the web process.

  • Rewrite of the reporting module
  • Added versionnumber of the current build to the login screen
  • Bugfix in the check-in module where a Intersolve transaction could cause a ticket to be marked as used without creating a check-in
  • Re-deployed the password fields in the reservation flow